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The Medicine Shoppe St. Charles has partnered with and are working together to provide you with fast, affordable, and convenient virtual doctor visits right on your phone.


$39.99 Per Doctor Visit, No Insurance Necessary! 


Doctor Visit $39.99

Prescription Refill $39.99



General Health

  • Strep, Flu, Pink Eye, Rash, Common Cold, Allergies, Sinus Infection,  Dental Infection, Respiratory Infection, Weight Loss, Pain Relief, Cold Sores

Women’s Health

  • UTI, Birth Control, Yeast Infection, Bacterial Vaginosis, Menstrual Suppression

Men’s Health

  • Erectile Dysfunction, Hair Loss, Urethritis

Chronic Medical Conditions

  • Asthma, Migraine, Hypertension, High Cholesterol, Type 2 Diabetes, Motion Sickness


  • Anxiety, Depression, ADD/ADHD

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

  • Genital Herpes, Gonorrhea, Trichomonas, Chlamydia, Syphilis, Mycoplasma, Ureaplasma


  • X-ray, MRI, CT Scan, Ultrasound, Breast Imaging

Lab Testing

  • Thyroid, Diabetes, Urinalysis, Cholesterol, Liver, Testosterone & more

Important: does not prescribe any controlled medications (eg. Opioids)

Doctor Visit $39.99




Just need a refill? can prescribe refills for up to 3 medications per visit

Prescription Refill $39.99



1. Click on Doctor Visit to complete your consultation 

2. The Doctor will review and send your prescription to The Medicine Shoppe St. Charles within 2 hours

3. Pick up your prescription at The Medicine Shoppe St. Charles!

Doctor Visit $39.99


You must be a patient of The Medicine Shoppe St. Charles to continue (first-time users must register an account on's fee of $39.99 covers the online medical consultation only, you still have to pay The Medicine Shoppe St. Charles for your medication.

Do NOT continue if you prefer a different pharmacy provides online medical consultations and does not dispense any medication.