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CallOnDoc provides immediate treatment for Bacterial Vaginosis. No appointment or insurance is required. Learn more about bacterial vaginosis and schedule an appointment to be treated today!

Common Symptoms Include: Burning/frequent urination, abnormal discharge, swelling or pain. For full list of symptoms watch the video below.

For full list of symptoms watch the video below.

Common Symptoms Include: Small lumps on genitals/thighs/anus, cauliflower-like shaped warts close together, bleeding during sex, painless bumps/skin tags around genitals. For full list of symptoms watch the video below.

Common Symptoms Include: Painful/frequent urination, yellowish green discharge, pain or swelling in penis or vulva. For full list of symptoms watch the video below.

Post-exposure prophylaxis is taking medicines after being potentially exposed to HIV to prevent infection.

PrEP therapy helps prevent HIV prior to exposure.

Genital herpes can be an embarrassing and uncomfortable condition to live with. However, with proper treatment and guidance, one can minimize symptoms and reduce the likelihood of spreading the virus. Learn more about genital herpes

Common Symptoms Include: pain/discomfort urinating, unusual discharge from genitals or anus, discomfort/irritation of urethra or penis. For full list of symptoms watch the video below. 

Speak with a licensed CallonDoc medical practitioner privately by phone.

Common Symptoms Include: Painless sores around rectum/genitals/mouth, swollen lymph nodes/sore throat, headaches/fatigue, fever, skin rashes on palms and soles. For full list of symptoms watch the video below.

Common symptoms include white, yellow, or green genital discharge, itching or irritation, burning or discomfort with urination

Common Symptoms Include: Discharge, burning urination, moisture at penile tip and fishy vaginal odor. For full list of symptoms watch the video below.

UTI causes burning and frequent urination.

If you have symptoms of STD but unsure what you have, let us evaluate and provide you with treatment and recommendations. For full list of symptoms watch the video below.

Common Symptoms Include: Lower abdominal pain, pain urinating, abnormal discharge, redness or inflammation. For full list of symptoms watch the video below.

Common Symptoms Include: pain/discomfort/frequent urination, itching/burning, abnormal discharge, blood in semen/urine. For full list of symptoms watch the video below.

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These are some of the feedback we hear from over 450,000 amazing patients.

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For certain STDs, we can start treatment if you have symptoms or have been exposed to an STD.

The best practice is to test for STDs if you’ve been exposed or are at risk of contracting an STD, however if you need treatment for symptom relief you can still request this by selecting “not sure”

Yes, you will be treated if your test results come back positive.

We offer 50% off expedited partner treatment once your partner consents.

It’s not impossible, but also unlikely. Contrary to popular belief, the gonorrhea bacterium doesn’t survive long enough outside the body to be transmitted from a toilet seat or door handle.

While many people believe they won’t, gonorrhea and herpes are often transmitted this way, whether giving or receiving oral sex.

An STD isn’t proof your partner cheated on you. They may have had it for many years, before they knew you and were not aware they were contagious or infected. Remember, you can re-infect one another, so it’s important for both of you to be tested and treated at the same time (it’s simple, as you can get STD antibiotics online).

Some STDs, like gonorrhea, chlamydia, syphilis and trichomoniasis, are curable with antibiotics. Others, such as HPV and HSV, are not curable but can often be managed with STD medication.

STDs are contagious even when there are no symptoms and/or the disease is in its early stages. If you’re sexually active, get tested even if you have no symptoms or symptoms that seem unrelated (and seek prompt STD treatment if necessary).

It is unlikely with most STDs, but kissing can sometimes spread herpes.

Even if you haven’t had vaginal intercourse, you can be infected through oral or anal sex. Some STDs can be transmitted via skin-to-skin contact.

If you use a condom correctly, it provides some protection from STDs transmitted by body fluids. However, condoms aren’t 100% effective at protecting against all STDs as some STDs are spread through skin-to-skin contact.

If you are sexually active, you should be tested at least once a year or every 3-6 months if you have multiple or anonymous partners. It’s important to get tested if you’ve had vaginal, anal, or oral sex with a new partner, or if you are pregnant.

It is estimated that about 1 in 5 people have a sexually transmitted infection in the United States.

You can reduce the risk of or avoid infection by using condoms correctly, having fewer intimate partners, and not mixing drugs and alcohol with sex (they can impair your decision making). Abstinence (not having sex) is the most effective way to avoid STDs.

At Call on Doc our online visits are completely private. Your consultation is all done virtually from the comfort of your home on a phone, computer, or tablet.

To get treated simply select your condition and answer a few medical questions about your symptoms. This is all done through a text style form, no phone or video visits are needed and there is no lab testing required to get treatment.

No, everything stays on your medical form and is HIPPA compliant. No marketing emails or information will be sent to you.

No, the pharmacy only knows the medication and dosage, not the condition you are being treated for. There is no need to worry or feel judged when picking up your medication.

Yes, call on doc offers half off treatment for your partner. During your visit you will be asked if your partner would like treatment, if so, our patient support team will help you.

Once you complete your visit a medical provider will review and prescribe the appropriate treatment in one to two hours. You can track your visit status in your patient profile. You will also be notified via email that your treatment plan is ready to view, this will tell you what we have prescribed.

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