At CallonDoc, we pride ourselves on new and innovative ways to bring the highest quality medical care in the most convenient and affordable ways to the patient.

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CallonDoc strives to impact everyday medical care by exploring partnership opportunities that meet the demand of today’s direct-to-consumer healthcare landscape while streamlining accessibility, convenience, affordability, and innovation.


We strongly believe partnerships can open new and interesting pathways of opportunities for a variety of businesses and industries toward the common goal of providing quality clinical care within the safety of a patient’s home or place of residence.


No opportunity is too big or small. Our customized partnership structure offers many great benefits for companies all shapes and sizes.

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Who Do We Partner With?

We recognize that telehealth is a rapidly changing industry and strongly believe there are many untapped opportunities available in places no one else would ever look. The patient is our #1 priority and we feel that innovation through partnerships is one of the best ways to provide an industry-leading patient experience and universal access to healthcare for all.

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Medical Providers

  • Attract new patients and grow your practice
  • Improve patient access
  • Offer flexibility and save time
  • Modernize your patient's experience
  • Create a new revenue stream
  • Improve rural access and community outreach
  • Offer continuity of care through remote monitoring
  • Improve patient outcome and reduce re-admissions
Affordable for all


  • Lower your company’s annual healthcare costs

  • Reduce employee absenteeism

  • Enhance productivity

  • Offer employees 24/7 patient access to medical care

  • Enjoy open enrollment all year


Health Insurance Providers

  • Lower capitation
  • Lower medical cost
  • Reduce claims costs
  • Increase profit
  • Provide value-added benefit for your clients
  • Improve patient outcomes
  • Reduce hospital admissions and ER cost
  • Differentiates with an innovative product
  • Provide access to an additional network of doctors
Quality doctors that care

Affiliates & Brokers

  • Provide continuous revenue stream referring practices and businesses to CallonDoc

  • We reward you for simply signing up a user

  • Access the power of our salesforce with no minimum sales required

  • Differentiate yourself with an innovative product

  • We show you how to register patients with a no-cost signup

  • Help you succeed by providing marketing material and support

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Online Medical Consultation

We proudly partner with providers, businesses, employers, clinics/hospitals, pharmacies, health plans, schools, universities and large institutions.