About Us

Nobody likes taking off work to see the doctor because germ-infested waiting rooms, expensive medical bills, hours of waiting in line and potentially embarrassing conversations with their doctor are not the things you want to do when you’re off from work. At CallonDoc.com we understand your frustration, which is why we are committed to providing affordable and confidential, quality medical care from wherever is convenient for you regardless of insurance. We are a family of compassionate healthcare professionals who work together to provide a better, affordable, and a less time-consuming option to the medical care crisis that faces so many of us today.


Whether from your computer or your smartphone, you can go to CallonDoc.com and simply outline all of your symptoms through our simple questionnaire and record a video describing in your own words, what the problem is. Our dedicated physicians will then review your case and have a prescription sent to a local pharmacy of your choice within two hours typically.


Whether you’re using telemedicine for the first time or a repeat patient, we guarantee excellent quality with every visit. You can rest assured that your visit and personal information are completely confidential with our latest safe and secure data encryption technology.