Call-On-Doc Offers Affordable At-Home Test Kits with Free Delivery

Published on May 09, 2022 | 2:45 PM

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CallonDoc, America’s highest-rated telemedicine provider, has taken leaps and bounds in the right direction and now offers patients online consultations and at-home test kits delivered for free to the patient’s front door. Focused on making quality, convenient medical care more accessible and affordable to Americans, CallonDoc has been providing telemedicine services since before the pandemic when telehealth became popular. Dedicated to providing patients with the best treatment and service possible, CallonDoc consistently utilizes the latest technology to allow patients access to more care from home.

Testing, treatment, and care, Call-On-Doc does it all!

The at-home test kits are only one more step in Call-On-Doc’s journey to make healthcare simpler, as 67 percent of patients cannot make it into labs for testing. Call-On-Doc currently offers 17 different at-home tests and is adding more each day. Some current tests you can order now include:

  • Diabetes
  • Cholesterol
  • Thyroid function
  • Kidney conditions
  • Liver conditions
  • STDs
  • And more!

Priced at only $35 to $50 per kit, they will arrive in a pre-paid box that allows users to return their specimens to the lab once they’ve followed the test instructions. Results typically take three to five days, and patients can access their results online via their patient account, which also hosts further information on how the results should be interpreted and treated.

By making at-home testing easy and affordable, Call-On-Doc hopes to increase their access for patients to get the testing they need from home.

All Call-On-Doc tests are monitored by board-certified doctors with extensive experience in helping patients through telemedicine. Today, Call-On-Doc has completed more than 2.7 million treatments and received over 100,000 five-star reviews. The platform allows the treatment of over 70 conditions in the following categories: women's health, men's health, pediatrics, mental health, dermatology, STDs, chronic health, urgent care, lab testing, and more.

Read the full press release to learn more about CallonDoc as seen on Cision PR Newswire.

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Was this article helpful?

Want to learn about a specific topic or condition?

Wayne C. Hahne,

English graduate and Call-On-Doc’s medical resource guide, Wayne C. Hahne is an experienced and passionate medical education content expert. Through diligent research, provider interviews and utilizing the industry's leading resources for wellness information, it is Mr. Hahne’s personal mission to educate the general public on medical conditions with in-depth and easy-to-understand written guides.

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