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Forbes Interview - January 11, 2021

Balancing Tech And Patient Care In Telehealth: A Case Study With CallOnDoc

"Telehealth took on a whole new importance in 2020, with the pandemic making virtual doctor visits an excellent alternative to spending time in a crowded clinic waiting room. 

However, there’s a lot more to telehealth than screenings for Covid-19 and diagnosing simple issues like ear infections. 

As the demand for telehealth services grows, certain providers are taking the lead with innovative service and more extensive service offerings. But to really succeed, telehealth providers have to go even further—balancing the convenience of their technology with exceptional patient care." More


Feature: CNBC - Make It April 17, 2020

Telemedicine Service Offering Free Health Care During The Coronavirus Pandemic

Callondoc is waiving its fee (usually $39.99) to provide free medical consultations to Americans stuck at home, even for medical needs unrelated to the coronavirus. More


CallonDoc's Very Own Dr. Hatty Oshun Talks Telemedicine With Brad Perry On AZTV The Daily Mix - April 14, 2020



Nasdaq #tradetalks - March 26, 2020


Jill Malandrino Talks Telemedicine & COVID-19 With's Director of Marketing, Shawn Targosz Leads The Telemedicine Industry During Covid-19 By Suspending Consultation Fee's - March 18, 2020, a premier resource for online telemedicine services, has announced that it will be suspending its basic $39.99 primary care consultation fee as of Friday for any home-quarantined patients seeking telemedicine services including prescription refills for a medical need unrelated to the coronavirus. Patients can waive this fee by using the promo code “GERMFREE”. more